[Los Angeles] Shabu Shabu Ya

801 S. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

The weather has turned pretty cold lately. This is the perfect time for hot pot or shabu shabu. However, most of the good shabu shabu places are kinda far from us, like Little Tokyo. Since we didn’t want to be stuck in the Friday night traffic, we decided to look for somewhere closer to us.

天氣變冷了, 我和室友都突然很想吃熱騰騰的火鍋, 這附近好吃的日式火鍋都要跑去小東京那裡, 不想在星期五塞車時間開去那裡, 我們便上網搜尋,

We found this Shabu Shabu Ya restaurant on La Brea online. They had some good and bad critics. But since we didn’t really want to drive too far away, we decided to go check it out.

找到了一家在La Brea上面的Shabu Shabu餐廳, 網路上的評論有好有貶, 但是距離不遠, 最後還是決定去試試看.

Most people know that La Brea area is kinda ghetto. Why would they open a Japanese shabu shabu place over there?

住洛城的人都知道, LA Brea那地段並不是很好的區, 我們都很好奇怎麼會有日本餐廳開在那裡.

We got to the restaurant around 7 pm. There was only another table of customers in the restaurant. It was exactly like what the people said online: “an empty restaurant”. That was a dangerous sign. If a resistant is empty on a weekend night, that usually means their food isn’t that great. We were pretty curious how they could survive in this area with such a spacious store front without too many customers.

抵達的時候大約是7點左右, 店裡只有一桌人在吃飯, 果真應驗了網路上說的:’十分空蕩蕩的一間餐廳.” 通常呢, 空蕩蕩的餐廳就代表食物不一定好吃. 我們都很好奇開這麼一大間店在這裡, 客人又不多, 會賺錢嗎?

They did not have a lot of choices in the menu. I only saw three or four soup base choices, including beef soup, sukiyaki, and chicken ginseng. Each dinner combo includes a bowl of rice, choice of tuna sashimi salad or seaweed salad, and one plate of vegetables. The portion was pretty small.

他們的選擇性很少, 湯底就只有牛肉湯鍋, 壽喜燒鍋, 人參雞肉鍋等三,四種選擇, 每種套餐都附送白飯一碗, Tuna sashimi salad或seaweed salad一碗, 及一盤青菜. 份量不是很多.

This is our food. 我們的食物上桌啦!
20071109-Shabu Shabu Ya 02

Tuna sashimi salad
20071109-Shabu Shabu Ya 05

Seaweed salad
20071109-Shabu Shabu Ya 04

After we finished our dinner, we figured the rice and the sesame sauce were the best food there! Well, there really isn’t anything special about shabu shabu. They cut the meat for you and washed the vegetable for you. The customers cook all of the food by themselves. So most of the shabu shabu places are essentially the same, unless they have superb soup base or lots of selections.

吃完的結論是, 白飯及芝麻醬汁最好吃. Shabu Shabu嘛, 不就是肉幫你切好, 青菜洗好, 讓客人自己煮熟食物, 所以實在也沒什麼稀奇.

Their beef seemed pretty fresh, evne though it was slightly too thin. The beef soup base was basically boiling water with a piece of seaweed inside. Not much flavor at all. The seaweed salad wasn’t too bad. My favoirte was the yummy sesame sauce, which tasted really good with the rice.

他們的肉質不錯, 看起來還滿新鮮, 只是稍嫌薄一點. 牛肉湯底就是白開水一鍋加一片昆布在裡面. 沒什麼味道, Seaweed salad味道不錯, 我最愛的芝麻醬汁倒是滿濃稠的, 配白飯很好吃.

Will I recommend this restaurant? Well, I would rather drive farther to eat at the all-you-can eat shabu shabu place in Little Tokyo, or go eat at those wonderful Taiwanese hot pot restaurants. I would only come back to this palce if I am lazy and don’t feel like driving too far.

會不會推薦來吃這一家? 說真的, 一樣一人十幾塊錢的價錢, 我倒寧願開遠一點去吃小東京的all-you-can-eat shabu shabu, 或去吃材料豐富的台式火鍋. 這家店嘛, 除非不想開太遠才會再來吃吧.

Rating: B-
Price: $$

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  1. 好像真的是蠻普通的餐廳
    哪裡有吃到飽shabu shabu
    你說的是curry house那個廣場裡三樓那家嗎

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