[Los Angeles] Shabu-Hachi

11680 Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 479-7537

Last Friday, I got to eat shabu shabu for the 5th times in 2 weeks. The weather has been so cold lately. Eating hot pot or shabu shabu is the best thing in such a cold winter day.

我發覺我最近真的是火鍋吃不厭, 這幾天溫度降低, 又突然好想吃熱騰騰的小火鍋, 所以昨天晚上我們又跑去附近一家shabu shabu吃火鍋.

I actually have seen this restaurant before. I went to another Japanese place next door awhile ago, and I went passed by this restaurant. I remembered thinking to myself that I should come back to visit this shabu shabu place, but never got time to try it.

這家店很久以前我就有看過, 我曾去過它隔壁的日本餐廳吃飯, 經過時曾想著下回要來試試這家shabu shabu, 但卻一直忘掉.

Last Friday, we couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner. So we went online to search for any shabu shabu place nearby and we found the reviews for this Shabu-Hachi place. It was then I realized it was the same restaurant I saw long time ago.

直到昨天晚上我們煩惱著附近沒有什麼好吃的shabu shabu店, 上網查了一下, 找到這家店的review, 才發覺原來這家店我很久以前就看過.

我們決定避開星期五晚上吃飯的人潮, 六點就抵達餐廳, 並沒有很多人, 不曉得巔峰時期會不會需要排隊?

Their store front wasn’t that big. There is a shabu shabu bar that takes up half of the store. A couple tables lined up against the wall. Most of the waiters in there seems like young Japanese students. One of the waiters were pretty cute~

店面不是很大, 有個火鍋吧台佔了整個店面一大半, 另一面牆擺了幾張桌子. 裡面的服務生似乎都是年輕日本打工學生. 其中一個服務生長得還滿帥的. 很有小竹野内豐的樣子.

They have a lot more selections in their menu than the Shabu Shabu Ya place we tried last time Other than regular shabu shabu combo, they also have nabe combo or sukiyaki combo.

他們的菜單比起上次我們吃的那家Shabu Shabu Ya多很多選擇, 除了幾種小火鍋的套餐, 還有壽喜鍋, 綜合湯鍋等選擇.

We ordered one Chanko Nabe with miso. Nabe is just like shabu shabu except they put variety of food inside the pot beforehand, then bring the entire pot to the table. The miso soup base wasn’t too bad. The chunky beef was pretty chewy:

我們點了一道Chanko Nabe with miso. 和一般小火鍋不同的地方是, 他們早把料先丟進鍋裡, 再端來我們桌上燒熱. 湯頭還不錯, 大塊的牛肉嚼起來很有勁:
20071130-Shabu-Hachi 01

We ordered another Prime Rib shabu shabu. The combo comes with a plate of beef, one plate of veggies, udon and rice. The portion was pretty smally, but it was just about right for me
(Sorry. The place was very dark. I couldn’t take any good pictures inside.):

另外還點了Prime Rib的小火鍋, 套餐附送一盤牛肉, 一盤蔬菜, 烏龍麵及白飯一碗. 東西滿少的, 但對我說份量正好. (餐廳裡面很黑, 照片都照不清楚):
20071130-Shabu-Hachi 02

Overall, I enjoyed their shabu shabu much better than Shabu Shabu Ya. J said that we can come back to try this place again next time if we feel like eating shabu shabu.

整體來說, 還不錯. 至少比上次那家shabu shabu好吃, 選擇性也多. J說下次如果再想吃火鍋, 可以再來這家餐廳試試.

Rating: B+
Price: $$

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