[Los Angeles] Seoul Garden Restaurant

1833 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 386-8477

As the weather turned colder, eating hot pot seems to be the best way to stay warm. For the past couple of days, I have eaten hot pot 3 times! On Tuesday night, my friend Peter came down from SF and invited us for a get together. My friend Kristeen suggested to go to this Korean restaurant in K-town. I thought it’s just another Korean BBQ place. Turned out, this restaurant is famous for their Korean hot pot.

天氣變冷, 我有許多朋友都紛紛約邀出來吃火鍋, 光是這幾天我就吃了三次火鍋. 最近吃了三次火鍋. 今天正好有個朋友從舊金山下來, 邀大家一起出來聚餐. 有個朋友提議來這家韓國餐廳吃飯, 一開始我還以為也是吃韓國烤肉, 後來才知道, 這家餐廳出名的是他們的韓式火鍋.

I have tried Taiwanese hot pot and Japanese shabu shabu before, but I have never tried Korean hot pot before. I was curious to find out what was the difference.

台式和日式火鍋都吃過, 就是沒吃過韓國火鍋, 很好奇到底有什麼不同.

In the restaurant, every table has a gas stove in the middle. If you put a hot plate on top, you can cook BBQ on the stove as well. But we only wanted to try hot pot that day. So they brought us a pot and put it on top of the stove.

每張桌子中間有個瓦斯爐, 上面舖上鐵板的話可以轉變成烤肉爐. 但是我們今天只點了火鍋來吃.

Their hot pot menu comes in combo. Each combo comes with a plate of meat (choices of beef, pork or chicken), small Korean dishes, veggie, mushroom, tofu, fish ball, rice, udon, soup and dessert. They require minimum of 2 orders per table. We had 5 people that  day. We ordered 2 orders of hot pot combo and 2 extra plates of BBQ. That was plenty of food for us.

他們的火鍋是以套餐來點算, 每份套餐附送小菜, 肉一盤(牛肉, 雞肉或豬肉), 青菜, 香菇, 豆腐, 魚板, 飯, 烏龍麵, 湯及甜點. 規定至少要點兩份套餐才夠, 我們總共五個人, 點了兩份套餐, 兩盤烤肉, 就吃得很飽了.

Our hot pot: 我們的火鍋:
20071120-Seoul Garden 02

Korean hot pot really wasn’t that different from any other hot pot. You just dump all of the ingredient into the pot and start cooking. But they gave us a lot of veggie. The cabbage was chopped into thin slices and mixed with green onions. Seems like the entire pot was mixed with green veggies. I have never tried eating hot pot that way.

韓國火鍋和其他火鍋不一樣的地方就是他們的青菜都切得碎碎地, 高麗菜, 青蔥, 大白菜混在一起下鍋去煮, 吃起來還滿有意思的.

After we finished all of the meat and veggie, they brough us udon and cooked the udon inside the pot. Afterward, they dumped white rice into the pot and cooked porridge with the leftover soup base. I thought that was pretty interesting. I never ate porridge cooked from hot pot soup. It was actually pretty flavorful. That way we don’t waste any leftover soup, and we can finish the rice as well. What a great way to eat hot pot!

另外, 所有的火鍋料都煮完了以後, 他們還會幫忙下烏龍麵, 最後還把白飯倒進火鍋裡, 和著剩下的湯底煮成稀飯, 吃起來味道還挺不錯的. 我真沒有看過這種火鍋吃法, 下次也可以自己來試試看, 這樣就不會浪費任何湯底, 也可以銷掉白飯.

Rating: A
Price: $$