Sea Port Seafood Restaurant

On Wed night, we went to a seafood restaurant in Long Beach along with the newly wed couple from last weekend. They were going back to Hong Kong right next day. So we decided to have a get together dinner before they leave. I forgot the name of the restaurant already..Sea port something…but it’s the best seafood restaurant I’ve ever been to.

The very special part about this restaurant is their famous “food on the table” eating method. According to the menu, there are 4 different selections. Each selection contains slightly different types of seafood: mussels, clams, fish sticks, crabs, lobsters, shrimps and some sausage, corns..etc. We ordered 8 servings from these selections. Then the waiter brought out the food in a big bowl and poured everything onto the table. Basically we had to use our hands and grab whatever is on the table. It was very interesting! I’ve never eaten like this before! Everything was freshly made, water broiled and seasoned with some spicy sauce. They all taste delicious, especially the corn was very sweet. The price was pretty reasonable also. It cost about $20-$30 per serving. So it’s much better to go with a big group so everyone could share. This restaurant only has 1 branch in California. The other 2 branches are both in Washington. So we’re very fortunate that they opened a branch this close by.