[San Gabriel] 小肥羊蒙古火鍋

KTV last Saturday was fun. Thanks for all the friends who showed up!  It’s been awhile since I went to a real KTV. I had such a great time singing my heart out ~

After KTV, we went to 小肥羊 (Little Sheep) hot pot for dinner. I’ve heard so many great recommendations about the place. But every time I went, there were always a long waiting line in front of the restaurant. Finally we got to eat their famous hot pot. When I stepped into the restaurant, the Chinese herb fragrance and smell of food immediately filled my nose. We had  a split pot with one side for the spicy soup and the other side with the non-spicy soup. Each soup had bits and pieces of Chinese herbs flowing on top. The soup taste really different from all the hot pot I’ve had before. It was really good! I wonder if the restaurant give out recipes for their soup base. Now I really want to go back again to enjoy a nice hot pot meal!

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  1. anit Post author


    I think you can buy their 鍋底. My landlord bought one pack from them, and we cook it in hot pot, it’s very good!!

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