[San Gabriel] Pa Pa Walk 趴趴走

227 W Valley Blvd. Ste 148-B
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 281-3889

Another new Taiwanese restaurant I recently discovered is this small place called “Pa Pa Walk (趴趴走)”, located in the plaza right next to Hilton on Del Mar & Valley in San Gabriel. They serve mostly famous Taiwanese dishes as well as Malaysian style food. My favorite includes:

Malaysian curry rice
Tainan’s famous dish Guan Cai Ban 棺材板(cream soup inside a thick bread, kinda like soup in bread bowl)
super super huge mango shave ice mountain (well, not quite as big as the picture, but pretty close. Last time the 6 of us couldn’t even finish one plate).

They also have other well-known dishes like the beef noodle, other curry rice, Southeast Asian desserts…etc. Sorry I couldn’t find all the pictures. Next time I’ll try to take some pictures and post them here.

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