[San Gabriel] Pa Pa Walk 趴趴走

227 W. Valley Blvd. Suite 148-B
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 281-3889

Pa Pa Walk趴趴走, 位於San Gabriel Hilton隔壁的一家小間台灣小吃店, 新開幕就造成轟動, 每回去吃飯都要排個上20-30分鐘. 一般台灣小吃店該有的它都有, 另外還有幾樣獨特的菜餚.





Pa Pa Walk特有的巨無霸芒果冰山, 夏天時來吃最好吃:

另外還有牛肉綠麵, 排骨飯, 雞腿飯, 滷肉飯……啊~ 光是用想的就讓我流口水啦! 真恨不得現在趕快再去大快朵頤!

Rating: A

Price: $

3 thoughts on “[San Gabriel] Pa Pa Walk 趴趴走

  1. Oh man, I think my wife and I miss this place a lot. We used to
    go to San Gabriel every weekend, and eat here at least every
    other week 😛 My favorite was their Hai Nan chicken, and also
    some of the snacks… Wish I were in LA with all the good food
    and resturants :D…

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