[Los Angeles] Ismi Sushi

7361 W 1/2 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 874-7267

I also found this small Japanese restaurant through Amy. She also had the coupon for this restaurant, and it was on the way to our destination. So we stopped by for a quick lunch.

這家小小的壽司店也是朋友艾咪找到的, 她正好有禮卷, 也正好在往我們出遊的地點路上, 就順便去吃個中餐.

Their store front is so small. It could only fit two or three tables and couple of chairs at the sushi bar. When I first stepped inside, I wonder: how good can their sushi be?

這家店面還真是小, 只擺得下兩三張桌子, 加上吧臺兩張椅子而已, 我心裡不禁懷疑: 這麼小的店, 能夠做出多好的壽司?

When our order came, I was really surprised. Their crazy boy roll, which has imitation crabstick, avocado and deep fried crispy skin, has such a surprising look. I’ve never seen such a sushi roll before. It’s like the crab meat is the main ingredient, not the rice or avocado. But it actually tastes pretty good, especially with the special spicy mayo sauce.

當我們點的壽司上來時, 我還真大吃一驚, 從來沒看過把整條人造蟹肉包在中間的壽司, 好似蟹肉才是主要的角色. 不過吃起來的感覺還不賴, 外皮炸得酥酥脆脆地, 沾著特製的辣美乃茲醬, 吃起來別有一番風味.

We also ordered green mussel and cactus dragon roll. Both were superb as well!我們另外還點了green mussel, 及cactus dragon roll. 味道都很不錯!

This is the second time I discovered that I shouldn’t judge a sushi restaurant by its store size. Usually the small restaurants may have one sushi chef that makes wonderful sushi, but the chain restaurants could only produce so-so quality sushi.

這是第二次發現日本料理店真的不能以外觀來評斷, 許多小小間的店面都有著厲害的壽司師傅, 能夠做出好吃美味的壽司, 反倒是大間的連鎖店做出來的壽司就不怎麼樣.

Rating: A
Price: $$