[Lomita] Gaja Japanese Restaurant

2383 Lomita Blvd. Ste 102
Lomita, CA 90717
(310) 534-0153

Gaja is the only Japanese restaurant I know that serve authentic okonomiyaki. Each table has hot plate and stove that you can cook your food right there.

Okonomiyaki is Japanese style pancake. It’s basically flour mixed with any kinds of meat, veggie or noodles. You fry it into a pancake shape and eat it with okonomi sauce and mayonnaise. It’s a wonderful Japanese dish!

Gaja offered at least 20 or 30 different kinds of okonomiyaki. Plus the recently popular Tokyo style Monjyaki, with several other different kinds of Japanese dishes. Each dish seemed so delicious from the pictures on the menu!

I actually have been to Gaja once before with a bunch of friends. We got to try out different kinds of okonimiyaki. This time there were only two of us. So we ordered one modern mix okonomiya and seafood monjyaki.

Usually, the waiter would ask if you want the kitchen to cook the food for you. I usually prefer to cook the food msyelf cuz it’s more fun. The waiters would help you at the side and give you a well written instruction. Luckily I’ve eaten okonimyaki before and I know what it should look like. Our okonomiyaki came out perfectly!

One dish of okonomiyaki could serve at least 2 or 3 people. We were a little full after we finished the okonomiyaki. One entry costs at least $16. It doesn’t even cost that much if I cook okonomiyaki at home. But I guess they use better ingredients in the restaurant!

Then our monjyaki wasn’t as successful. This is my first time trying monjyaki. I’ve only seen it on TV and knew it’s supposed to be gooey looking and you eat it with a small spatulas. But actually, it doesn’t even have any flour fillings. All it has is cabbage shreds mixed with flour water and other seafood ingredients. Then you add the special monjya sauce on top. At first, the food turn out very watery. I thought I didn’t cook it well and added a lot of monjya sauce, hoping it would make it more solid. It turned out to be very salty. I still prefer okonomiyaki better!

Rating: B+
Price: $$

吃吃吃! 說要減肥了結果weekend還是不停地吃~

這週末去的兩家日本餐廳其實從前都去過了, 只不過重遊舊地, 重新寫一些評論.

南加州我所知道唯一一家有賣正宗大阪燒的日本餐廳, 而且每桌還有鐵板可以自己動手DIY煎炒料理.

大阪燒, 就是日式pancake, 麵粉糊加上肉片青菜麵條或海鮮, 淋上大阪燒特有的醬汁及美奶滋, 吃起來別具風味.

光是大阪燒, 他們的menu上就有二,三十不同的種類, 另外還有最近超人氣的東京燒, 加上各式各樣的日本料理小吃, 光看menu上的照片就讓人垂涎三尺.


上次是和一群朋友來吃的, 所以吃到了幾種不同的大阪燒, 這次只有我們兩個人, 只點了一樣綜合大阪燒及海鮮東京燒.點菜時, 服務生很好心地問我們是否要廚房幫我們煮好大阪燒, 但是既然來到這裡, 能夠親自動手作也是滿好玩的. 服務生都會在一旁指導我們, 還給了一份圖文並茂的說明書, 幸好大阪燒之前也吃過幾次, 所以煎出來還挺有模有樣的.

一份大阪燒大概可以給2-3人吃, 我們兩個人吃了一份就有點撐了. 看看menu上面一份要價要10幾塊錢. 心裡暗嘆還真是有點坑錢, 我自己在家裡做根本用不了幾塊成本. 不過餐廳用的肉類可能比較好吧!

接下來的東京燒就沒那麼成功了, 第一次吃東京燒, 只在電視上看過, 知道煎出來是糊糊一陀, 要用小鏟子挖著吃. 但我不曉得它其實連麵粉糊都沒有, 只是一團高麗菜屑伴著麵粉水參雜海鮮一起煎煮. 再淋上東京燒的醬汁. 一開始煮出來都是水水的樣子, 害我以為我煮失敗, 加了一堆東京燒的醬汁希望它會凝固些, 結果味道鹹得不得了. 恩~ 還是大阪燒好吃點.

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