[El Segundo] Fleming’s Steakhouse

2301 Rosecrans Ave
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 643-6911

Went to Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse for my birthday celebration yesterday. I’ve heard of Fleming’s before but never actually been there. According to my friend, they have better steaks than Morton’s or Lawry’s. They really do! Hands down, that was the most tender prime rib I’ve ever had. First bite down, all of the juices from the meat squirted out inside my mouth. The meat was very tender, soft, and yet very chewy. I was never a meat person, but they way they cooked the prime rib made me want to go back and eat more. I even finished the whole 16 oz by myself!

Then came dessert. We ordered the Chocolate lava cake. Oooooohhhh~ it was the best chocolate cake I ever had. Way better than Morton’s Godiva chocolate cake. When I cut the cake open, the molted chocolate spurted out like the rush of lava. The temperature was just about right. It wasn’t burning hot. Eating the warm chocolate and mixing with their homemade ice cream….. Yummmmm~ Really…there was no word to describe the feeling….ok I’m making myself hungry again!

Fleming’s has several locations throughout the nation. Go check out their website!
Rating: 5 Star *****

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