[Monterey Park] Elite Restaurant名流山莊

700 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Thanks to Mrs. Sung and her family, I got to try the famous dim sum at Elite Restaurant in Monterey Park. I’ve heard about this place for awhile. My coworker told me how good their dim sum and seafood are. But I never have a chance to go there. Finally I got the chance to try out this restaurant. Their dim sum truly lived up to the reputations: superior and delicious!

拜賜宋媽媽及Ivy, Patrick的福, 今天終於得以嘗試聞名已久的名流山莊港式飲茶, 我很久以前就耳聞這家店的點心及海鮮有多好吃, 一直都沒有機會去吃, 今天大飽口福之後, 果真是名不虛傳.

Elite is located on Atlantic Blvd. in Monterey Park, just south of Garvey Blvd. and NBC Seafood. There are so many Cantonese seafood restaurants in that area. Why would anyone open another new seafood restaurants in such a competitive area?

名流位於Monterey Park的Atlantic Blvd.上面, 從10號的方向開下去, 要過了Garvey及NBC Seafood(海運)才會到. 那一地帶開許多廣東餐廳, 我很好奇怎麼還會有人想在競爭這麼多的地方再開一家海鮮餐廳呢?

I guess their reputations helped them survive in the area. They open daily at 9am. When we got there at 9:30 am, there was already a long line of people waiting. It took us 30 mintues to finally get a seat. I wonder how long people have to wait if they come at 11 or 12 o’clock.

這家店每天早上九點就開門, 我們為了避開星期天早上吃飲茶的人潮, 特地起了個大早, 選早上九點半去排隊, 沒想到, 竟然還要等上半個鐘頭, 由於他們店面比較小, 流動的人潮比較慢, 真不敢想像如果十一,二點再來是要等到什麼時候?

They have a pretty small seating area. Unlike other Chinese restaurants with red painting or dragon/phoenix decorations, Elite used classy looking yellow wallpaper and dark wood countertop, which make the place look a bit more elegant.

走進裡面一看, 名流的裝潢不同於一般廣東餐廳會看到的紅圓柱及龍鳳裝飾, 他們採用看起來較高級的黃色壁紙及深木頭色的桌面, 感覺好像比較有格調一點.

Since their small store front wouldn’t allow carts to be pushed around the tables, they used menus for customers to order dim sum. The process was pretty efficient. We got our food within 10 minutes and walked out of the restaurant in an hour.

由於店面小的緣故, 名流用點菜的方式讓客人選擇, 而不是一群歐巴桑推著車子塞在擁擠的走道間服侍挨餓已久的食客. 整個流程還滿順暢的, 我們等個10分鐘就開始有食物上桌, 從坐下到走出餐廳只不過花了一小時左右.

They have several special dim sum that I’ve never seen in other dim sum places, such as: baked durian pie, shark fin and red clam dumpling, scallop steamed rice noodle, taro dicon cake…etc. All of the items sound so delicious. We ended up ordered way too much food for the four of us, and we were so full at the end.

我們翻開菜單一看, 看到許多一般餐廳沒有的點心, 如:北極貝魚翅餃, 榴槤餃, 油條腸粉, 芋頭蘿蔔絲餅等等, 看了真叫人垂涎三尺. 結果, 僅僅只有我們四個人, 卻點了一桌的點心來吃, 吃到最後每個人都吃得好撐.

They really made sure their dim sums are made with top quality. The shrimp dumpling has huge shrimp inside. The shiu mais have big scallop and massago on top. The taro dicon cake have large chunks of taro inside. My favorite was the brown sugar cake, which tasted really soft with a hint of brown sugar flavor inside. It was so yummy!

他們的點心還滿真材實料, 蝦餃裡面一定包有大顆的蝦子, 燒賣上還點綴著干貝及魚蛋, 芋頭蘿蔔糕裡面也有大塊的芋頭, 吃了真的不會令人失望. 最好吃的還是甜點- 黑糖糕, 平時對港式點心不是很有興趣的我, 吃了也讚不絕口, 柔軟的發糕裡面帶有黑糖的香味, 吃了還令人想再偷嚐一塊!

Althought their food was good, Elite’s prices are higher than other dim sum places in Montery Park. Each dish costs from $1.98 to $5.98, depending on the sizes. Despite its pricey food, I would definitely want to go back again to try out some other dim sum items!

食物雖然不錯, 但是名流的價格在Monterey Park的Dim Sum餐廳來講也算是高價格, 每盤從$1.98到$5.98不等, 不算便宜, 但是東西真的還滿值回票價的, 下回一定要起個大早, 才能搶到吃第一輪.

Rating: A
Price: $$

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