[Los Angeles] Chosun Galbee Korean BBQ

3330 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 734-3330

Last night, I went with my roommate and 2 friends to eat Korean BBQ.

晚上, 和室友及兩個朋友一起去韓國城吃韓國烤肉.

韓國城的韓國烤肉大都是要自己動手烤, 通常桌子中間有個爐子, 一般都是用瓦斯爐, 也有少數餐廳用傳統的炭或煤來烤肉, 味道會比較香. 這種自己DIY的飲食方式還頗受一般民眾的喜愛, 光是韓國城內就有好幾十間這種BBQ餐廳, 有些甚至推出讓你吃到飽, 付一樣價錢, 肉就會不停地上來, 直到你吃飽為止.

We usually like to go to Manna, the popular all you can eat BBQ in K-town. But, considering us 2 girls with small appetites, we decided to go to Chosun Galbee, the BBQ restaurant across street from Manna.

我們本來有考慮要去吃Manna all you can eat, 但是我們兩個女生的胃口實在不大, 吃all you can eat恐怕不大划算, 最後決定去吃這家Chosun Galbee.

Chosun Galbee is located at the corner of Western & Olympic. They’re famous for their beautiful architectural design. I heard their building received design award before. The restaurant is divided into indoor and outdoor area. The space is pretty big and the air circulation isn’t too bad. You don’t see the normal smokey room like other Korean BBQ restaurants.

Chosun Galbee位於Western及Olympic路口, 屬於韓國城中心. 餐廳本身的建築是經由名建築師設計的, 聽說還得過獎. 分室內室外兩區, 裝潢很好, 通風也不錯, 沒有其他一般烤肉餐廳烏煙瘴氣的模樣.

These are the little Korean dishes. I really love their potato salad. Their mayonnaise tasted just the kinds in Taiwan, not too sour but with a bit of sweetness inside. We kept on ordering the potato salad and I think we finished at least 3 or 4 plates of potato salad.

上肉之前, 餐廳都會送上幾道家常韓國菜, 及白飯, 湯, 和沙拉. 我超愛吃這些小菜. 雖然我本身不敢吃辣, 泡菜更是不用說啦. 但是他們通常會給幾道不辣的小菜, 例如:馬鈴薯沙拉, 甜不辣等等. Chosun的馬鈴薯沙拉做得很好吃, 美乃茲味道和臺灣的美乃茲很像, 我們吃完了還一直跟服務生點, 吃掉了至少三,四盤馬鈴薯沙拉.

We also ordered 3 meat dishes. One is bulgogi, the other two are different types of galbee.  The marinated sauce was pretty good. But Chosun is kinda pricey compare to other BBQ restaurants in K-town. One plate of meat costs at least $25-$30. Our total bill came to over $100. It’s probably more expensive than eating all you can eat buffet.

我們整個晚上共點了三盤肉, 一盤是bulgogi (細切片牛肉), 另外兩盤則是galbee (塊狀牛肉). 三盤都有醃過, 味道還不錯. 只不過Chosun的價格在韓國城內算是比較貴的. 一盤肉頂多20幾片肉, 就要價$25-$30. 四個人吃完一餐也要一百多塊. 比去吃all you can eat還貴.

Our galbee:

I really enjoy eating Korean BBQ. We get to cook our own food, enjoy lots of good Korean dishes. The guys can also enjoy drinking Korean soju. Not a bad place for big groups of friends to hang out.

吃韓國烤肉最好玩就是能夠和朋友一邊聊天, 一邊動手自己烤肉. 有些男生喜歡喝酒的, 去韓國餐廳還可以一邊品嚐他們的韓國燒酒(soju). 很適合一群朋友去吃吃喝喝的地方.

Rating: A
Price: $$$

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