[Canoa Park] Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Ste 1010B (in Westfield Topanga Center)
Canoga Park, CA 91303
(818) 888-4030

They actually have a store nearby my apartment. I used to go there with my friends often. But I’ve heard they open a new branch in Topanga Canyon that offers all you can eat buffet. So I drag my roommate Heather to go try it out.

The cost for the buffett is $28/person. It came with sushi & salad bar, miso soup and rice, plus 10 different kinds of meat and seafood. Up until the end of the month, each table gets one plate of Kobe beef.

Kobe beef! I’ve heard so much about it but I’ve never tried it before! But acutally I didn’t think it was that special. Maybe because we BBQ it instead of eating a full steak. I still prefer their specialty–harami steak and kalbi rib.

They have different varieties of sushi and salad in their sushi & salad bar. The sushi was just so-so. But they have a lot of my favorite salads such as potato salad and spaghetti salad that taste really yummy. I can probably just eat those salads and be content.

Since it was just two of us girls, we couldn’t really eat a lot of meat. We had two plates of meat and we were pretty full. $28 a person for buffett is kind of expensive. Other Korean BBQ restaurants offer more meat and the prices are more affordable. However, Gyu-kaku has good quality meat with nice marinated sauce. Their customer service is really good as well. I guess you get what you paid for.

Rating: B

Price: $$$

這家日本燒烤店在我家附近就有一間, 以前時常和一群朋友去吃, 不過我們聽說在Topanga Canyon 開了一家新店有all you can eat buffett, 便拉了Heather一起跑去試試.

他們的all you can eat 一人$28, 付有sushi & salad bar, 另外送上味噌湯, 米飯, 及十種不同的牛肉雞肉及海鮮, 由於剛開幕的原因, 一直到這個月底, 每桌還贈送一盤神戶牛肉.

長這麼大, 還是第一次吃到神戶牛肉, 不過可能是用烤的緣故, 吃起來並沒有什麼特別. 我還是比較喜歡他們的招牌菜–harami steak或kalbi rib.

他們的sushi沒什麼特別, 但是Salad bar的種類很多, 吃到許多美味的potato salad及spaghetti salad, 另外還有potato croquette, 都是我愛吃的, 我被笑說光吃這些salad就不用吃烤肉了. 我們兩個女生也吃不多, 吃了兩盤肉就很飽了. 一人$28真有點划不來, 韓國烤肉算起來還是比較值得. 不過Gyu-kaku的肉質不錯, 醃肉味道都很好, 服務態度也都很不錯, 也算是值回票價了.