[West Los Angeles] Asahi Ramen

2027 Sawtelle Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 479-2231

I’ve been to this restaurant many times since college, but I never really wrote about it.

Asahi Ramen is lcoated on the famous Japanese street, Sawtelle, in West LA. It’s a pretty small restaurant, with nice Japanese ladies as waitress running the place. Their ramen are cheap and come in big portion. It used to be on average $3-$4 per bowl. That was why this place was one of UCLA students’ favorite place. Now they increased their price to $6-$8 per bowl. But this place still attracts lots of customers.

They don’t have too many ramen selection on their menu, probably about 7 to 8 different styles of ramen. Their most famous ramen is Chashu ramen or Shiyo Ramen. The food has pretty big portion and lots of noodles and ingredients inside.

This is my Chashu ramen:
20071027-Asahi ramen 02

They also have other food selections such as fried rice, yakisoba, or gyoza.

20071027-Asahi ramen 03

If you don’t want to spend lots of money on eating out and want to try something that’s cheap but totally worth while, Asahi Ramen would be a good choice!

這家店從大學時代就來過好多次了, 一直沒有好好地寫一篇評論.

Asahi Ramen位於West LA的名日本街–Sawtelle, 小小的店面, 親切的歐巴桑店員, 拉麵廉價又大碗, 從以前平均$3-$4一碗大碗拉麵, 到現在漲價到$6-$8, 還是有不少學生捧場.

他們的拉麵選擇不多, 頂多7, 8樣, 招牌拉麵是Chashu 或Shiyu Ramen, 東西十分實在有料.


如果週末不想花錢吃大餐, Asahi ramen會是個很好的選擇.

Rating: B

Price: $