[Los Angeles] Anarkali Indian Restaurant

7013 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 934-6488

I’m not particularly fond of Indian food. It’s not something I normally go for regularly. But since my friend Amy had a coupon for this Indian restaurant, and it happened to be nearby the area, so we figured we should go try it out.

對印度食物並不特別喜歡的我, 今天和朋友艾咪出遊去, 正好她手上有這家餐廳的禮卷, 也正好在附近, 便決定晚上去試試看.

When we stepped into the restaurant, I immediately smelled the special smell of Indian spices. The entire restaurant decoration is so Indian style. There were many Indian paintings on the wall. Each table is separated by Indian style curtain, which gives customers a lot of privacy.

一走進去, 特殊的印度香料味立即撲鼻而來, 整個餐廳的裝潢十分”印度”味. 牆上掛許多印度繪畫, 燈光暗暗地, 每個桌子都有印度風味的布簾分隔著, 給顧客許多隱私.

Our coupon required us to spend at least $35. So we ordered the “dinner for two” combo, which is around $35.95. Dinner for two combo includes appetizer, chicken tandoori, beef curry, vegetable curry, rice, naan, rice pudding as dessert, and hot tea.

我們的禮卷規定要花$35以上才能用, 於是我們決定點兩人份的晚餐, 正好$35.95. Dinner for two combo 內含appetizer, chicken tandoori, 牛肉咖哩, 蔬菜咖哩, 白飯, 麵包, 米飯布丁, 及熱茶. 應該都是印度特有的菜餚.

This is our meal: 我們的菜上桌啦!

I thought most Indian food are spicy. I don’t like spicy food at all. But the food we had that day wasn’t spicy at all. I actually like those curry with lots of sauce. It tastes really good with the rice.

一般對印度食物的印象就是辣, 但是我們今天叫的菜一點都不辣, 我反而很喜歡吃這種醬汁很多的咖哩, 配著白飯真好吃.

I used to love this Indian dish–chicken masala. They cooked the chicken until it’s very tender and juicy. Then they added a red masala sauce on top of the chicken. It’s a really delicious dish. Whenever I got a chance, I would always order this Indian dish. Too bad the dinner combo does not include chicken masala.

記得從前吃過一種印度菜叫chicken masala, 是把雞肉煮得爛熟, 淋上一種紅色的醬汁, 吃起來很好吃. 如果有機會去吃印度菜, 我都會叫這道.

Our main entree–chicken tandoori: 我們的主菜: chicken tandoori:

See the hot smoke in the picture. Chicken tandoori is crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. I’m really curious how they make such a delicious chicken dish.

Chicken tandoori基本上就是烤雞, 雞皮烤得十分香脆, 看照片裡還冒著熱煙呢. 不曉得他們是如何烤法, 雞肉吃起來鮮嫩多汁, 並不像外表看起來烤得似乎焦焦硬硬的.

I’m glad I got a chance to try this Indian restaurant. If I had another opportunity, I would love to come back to try Anarkali again!

這次來吃印度餐是帶著好奇的心來嘗試, 吃完後並沒有後悔, 食物整體上來講還滿好吃的. 有機會的話下次應該還會來試試.

Rating: A-
Price: $$

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  1. eileen216 Post author

    還選了chicken tikka masala

  2. hwgirl Post author

    他們有chicken masala? 我怎麼沒看到?? 真後悔沒吃到…
    我一般不喜歡吃辣, 所以本來有點排斥吃印度菜, 還好這家餐廳一點都不辣.

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