[Rowland Heights] Genki Living

1380 Fullerton Rd.
Rowland Heights, CA
(626) 964-6502

I discovered a new Japanese eatery place (owned by Taiwanese) in Diamond Plaza. They have all my favorite Japanese dishes:

okonomiyakiokonomiyaki (Japanese pancake, 大阪燒)
odenJapanese oden bowl (關東煮)
croquetteCroquettes (可樂餅)
takoyakiTakoyaki (章魚燒)
crepeall types of sweet or salty crepes (可麗餅)
mangoSuper big mango shave ice!!

Plus numerous kinds of boba and icy drinks. Oh man oh man….this is my type of restaurant! I think I’ll have to visit them every weekend. haaa~ I already gained 4 lbs since I got married. But honestly I don’t care. I want to enjoy good food while I can~~

Genki Living:
Rowland Heights:  1380 Fullerton Rd, Rowland Heights, CA   (626) 964-6502
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