Sick and Stressed

I think I’ve been posting the same topics over and over again. I get stressed, then I get sick. Such a bad cycle!

So for the last couple of days, I haven’t been feeling like myself. After sleeping for 7 or 8 hours, I still wake up feeling like I’ve never slept before. I’m sleepy and tired all day. I don’t even know where this fatigue comes from.

I think part of it is due to school-related stress. I have a very difficult semester by far. Homework/assignments due every week, plus at least 7-8 chapters to read every week. I’m so glad it’s Spring Break next week! At least I can take a short break.

I really need to get better soon. I know I said this to myself every single day but never take actions. But I realy need to start exercising and eat right in order to stay healthy!

最近不曉得怎麼回事? 每天明明睡了7-8個小時, 但是起床後卻感覺似乎沒有休息過的樣子, 整天精神不集中, 十分疲倦. 尤其是一開始看電腦螢幕就會開始頭痛.

我猜測這是最近壓力太大的緣故, 加上整天花太多時間坐在電腦桌前, 都沒有運動, 也沒有攝取均衡營養的飲食.

下個星期就是春假了! 我得利用這段時間好好休息一下, 調整自己的身體. 4月恐怕會更忙, 我需要更多體力來應付學校課業!