What’s wrong with me? I’ve been feeling nauseous, dizziness, and just tired since yesterday. I even took a day off to rest at home and slept the entire morning. But I still feel exhausted for some reason. Actually I couldn’t even sleep well…..been dreaming non-stop the whole night….woke up feeling like I’ve run the miles the entire time.

It could be the side effect from the medication I’m taking….could be that time of the month…..could also be something going around. I know a lot of people are also sick and some of them have similar symptoms as me. Whatever it is….I need to get better!

2 thoughts on “Sick?

  1. windamere Post author

    Hey there~ Hope u feel better soon!! Get lots of rest whenever you can, your body’simmune system is always the primary defense.

  2. virginia_inLondon Post author

    Amber!! If you still need it, let me do your centerpeices. Please! Let me do something for your wedding. I have lots of experience coordinating those things for my sorority. I can put together something a lot nicer than the hotel. I guarentee you that. I´ll pay for it too. You are my cousin after all. Anyway, I´m coming homne in a week! We should have lunch and you can catch me up with all the plans. What hotel are you going with btw?

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