Cindy Passed Away

I just had the most devastating news today. My high school best friend, Cindy, has passed away. She has been feeling very depressed lately. Yesterday, she jumped off the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and ended her life. When I got the news from her ex-boyfriend, I couldn’t believe what I’ve heard. At first I thought it was a joke. After I talked to her family, then I realized it was true. Cindy, the most lively, outgoing girl in our group, the girl who enjoyed laughing and gave all her heart to her friends, has left us.

Cindy transferred to my high school during our senior year. At the first day of school, I noticed this new Asian girl sitting next to me in History class. There wasn’t that many Asians in my school. So I was very curious about her. Right at the moment, she smiled at me and began introducing herself. It then began a long time friendship between us. Cindy was the most fun, loving and caring person I’ve ever known. She was the one who taught me there are a bigger world outside of my little home town Danville. She took me to many different places I’ve never been to:  trips to San Jose to take studio pictures, many many fun shopping trips in San Jose, picking out the best prom dresses in San Francisco, her enormous birthday parties and graduation parties. All of those were the best memories I’ve had in high school!!

After graduation, I’ve gradually lost contacts with all of my high school friends. Cindy, on the other hand, remained one of the two close friends that I still keep in touch with after all these years. Every time I went back home, we would hang out together to update each others’ news. Cindy had her ups and downs in her life, just like everyone else. But she has managed to pull through each difficulties and became a stronger person. I couldn’t understand why this time she couldn’t overcome this problem. Partly I felt upset with her, and also felt responsible. Why did she have to end her life this way? Why couldn’t she try to seek for help? If only I could talked to her more, maybe I could help her somewhat. *sigh* I guess it’s too late to say all these things now.

Cindy, where ever you are now, I just want you to be happy and have no more worries! I will always miss you~~