Birthday Wish

It’s that time of the year again. The time when most women past 25 cried out : ahhhhh…….I’m getting older~

Well this year’s birthday should be different from the previous years. My only wish for this year is to go back to my normal life. No more drama please. I really hate dramas but somehow dramas always happen to me. All my life I just want to live a peaceful life. But a friend recently told me: you won’t know how to treasure peaceful life unless you go through some turbulences. So hopefully after what has happened, I will finally grow up and be more mature and positive toward life.

~Happy birthday to all of the cancer people out there~

又是那一年一度的日子到了, 年過25歲的女人在碰到自己的生日都會忍不住大喊: 阿~~~又老了一歲了….

今年的生日可能會跟往常不同, 對於未來一年的期許, 我只希望能夠過得平平順順地,不要再有大風大浪了, 雖說人生沒有任何變化可能會太無聊了, 但是我這個人一向不喜歡改變, 我只希望我可以過完我平凡的一生.

給所有近來生日的巨蟹座朋友說聲~ 生日快樂!!!

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  1. littles13 Post author

    unfortunately sometimes it takes those little/big ups and downs to remind us exactly how lucky we have it.

    Happy Birthday Amber~

    Best wishes and may you have drama-less,peaceful years to come. =)

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