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This past weekend, my junior high friend from Taiwan came to US to study English. I went to pick her up at the airport and drove her to San Diego State University on Sunday, where she’ll be staying in their language school for 6 months.

A lot of people in Taiwan, like my friend, think that study abroad is a must in their education path. Most of them felt that even without a degree, acquiring the necessary English skill and experience in a different country would help them locate jobs easily. Following the international trend in the world today, English is the #1 foreign language required by most companies in Taiwan. Sometimes interviewers would even conduct interviews in English just to test the language skills of the applicants.

I really admire those young students coming to a totally different country all by themselves. It would be very difficult for them to adjust to the strange environment and adapt to the culture, food and language here. I went through the transition myself so I understand how hard it is to make those adjustments at the beginning.

Luckily for my friend, she already has some relatives here in the US and she also has friends like me who can help her along the way. Thanks to her, I also got to visit San Diego State University. It’s located close to downtown San Diego. The surrounding area didn’t seem too nice but the campus is quite beautiful. San Diego has such a great climate and pretty scenery. I think she’ll love it there. One question struck my mind while walking around campus : how come it’s not Cal State University of San Diego (CSUSD) but San Diego State University (SDSU)?Are there two different systems of State University? just curious….

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  1. Hmmm…the only thing I remember about San Diego State is how nice their dorm rooms are…quite spacy and homie…none of that “concrete and steel” look of dorm buildings. But didn’t she have to drive quite a while just go get some food? It takes like 15 minutes to go to the nearest plaza with restaurants…which consisted of Panda Express and P.F.Chang’s…hope she can get use to the food…oh, and the salty air gets hair all dry and sticky so easily… =T

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