Pray for my Great Grandma~

Oh no…I just got an email from my mom: my 96-year-old Great Grandma in Taiwan is in critical conditions….she’s been unconscious for 3-4 days now. Doctors decided to turn off the respirator. They’re not too optimistic about her condition  …..please pray for her….

My mom is considering going back in the next couple of days if things do get worse. If any emergency, I would want to go back too…..oh no…I’m so hoping my great grandma could still be alive when I have my first child. Then we’ll be a 5-generation family! Hang in there, great grandma!

4 thoughts on “Pray for my Great Grandma~

  1. jimbothinks Post author

    That’s amazing to still have a great Grandma around. I hope you get to see her again.

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