Friends Gathering

This past weekend Homer & his buddies were planning on going to ski on Sun. They also planned a little gathering at a friend’s house to sing karaoke on Sat night. This friend lives in Placentia. We have never heard of this place nor been to that place. We only knew it’s somewhere close to Brea and it’s in Orange County. It took us awhile to find the direction and get to that friend’s house. She had a karaoke game that is similar to Dance Dance Revolution, but you have to sing right on tone and on beat. It gives you a score depending on how correct you sing. A lot of the songs are oldies from 70’s or 80’s, but there are some newer songs like Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated”. I tried a medium level song “Wind Beneath My Wings” and only scored mediocre. Guess it wasn’t that easy to sing exactly right on the tone.

Afterwards we tried the regular karaoke machine. She has a machine that contains thousands of English, Chinese, Cantonese, even Vietnamese and Japanese songs. Most people there only speak English so they were all singing English songs. Too bad I didn’t know that many English songs. The machine also give you a score but it’s based on how loud you sing. All of the guys were screaming at their lungs off to get a higher score. It wasn’t a pretty sound and I bet the neighbors were complaining.

Towards late night, we decided it’s not a good idea to annoy the neighbors anymore. So we all went out to play bowling. Unfortunately the first bowling alley we went to had a private party and was closed to the public. We went to another one but they all ran out of women’s shoes. I guess it just wasn’t meant for us to play bowling that night. One of the friends suggested shooting pools and took us to this Billiards Club in a hotel next to Brea Mall. All of the pool tables there were taken and we had to wait for 1 hour to get a table. We ended up sitting there drinking at the bar and chatted. The guys began to threw darts and they asked us the girls to join them. It turns out I totally suck at this game. Most of the darts I threw bounce off the board or didn’t even reach the board. But later on I got my dignity back at the pool game. Most of our friends suck at pool. It took us 1 hour to finish the first round. The balls just wouldn’t go in and they kept on bounce off the corners. I was lucky enough to shoot in 3 balls straight and helped my team to win the first round.

We played until 1 am and didn’t even get home until 2 am. Of course none of us had the energy to wake up early next morning to go skiing. We had to cancel the ski trip at the end.

I haven’t stay out this late recently. My bedtime is around midnight and I usually get very sleepy around that time. If it’s past my bed time, my eyes begin to feel heavy and I would start losing focus during conversation. Man, I’m really getting old…

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  1. You’re not getting old la… doesn’t your biological clock always work like that? :P0„2

    Don’t worry, there are others who can’t stay up late too… (remember Angela? :P)

    This entry is funny!

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