On Monday, I had the most random moment in my life. I walked out of the office to go to the post office. As usual, I walked with my head down, not paying attention to my surroundings. Then I heard someone called out my Chinese name. I looked up and wondering who could’ve known my Chinese name here in the middle of the campus. Then I saw my friend, Wendy, from Taiwan!!  We both screamed and asked each other “What are you doing here??!!” Wendy was here visiting her USC friend for a few days before leaving for East Coast. We have lost contact with each other for a few years, so she didn’t know I work here.

Wendy is a very close family friend of mine. Her father and my dad grew up in the same village and were best buddies when they were kids. They used to share interesting childhood stories with us, like stealing sausage in the middle of the night and both got stomach ache..etc.  We used to hang out a lot when we were kids. Wendy was like the other sister to me. Her mom even thought about adopting me as her god-daughter. After we moved to US, her family would fly over to visit us. Only these few years we gradually lost touch with each other. But once in awhile, I still hear news about her family from my parents.

Wendy came from a highly intelligent family. Both parents are professors at prestigious universities in Taiwan. All of her uncles are either doctors or PhD’s. Now Wendy and her brother both go to medical schools. She recently won a scholarship for a 3 month medical internship at Duke University and she was the only one chosen from her school. That’s why she came to the States this time and stopped by LA for a few days.

Last night, I picked her up from her friend’s place and had dinner together. We talked about our fun past memories and update each other’s lives. It was really great to see an old friend from my childhood. Sometimes life is really full of surprises. If I hadn’t walk out of my office on Monday, I would’ve totally missed her. This was definitely the biggest coincidence of my life!

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  1. hi there~
    I totally agree with you~I’m so happy for you that you found your lost in contact friend!

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