Bad News in the Morning

This morning, I received several emails from relatives in Taiwan, notifying us that my great-grandma has passed away at 8:15 pm last night, at the age of 97.

When my uncle emailed us yesterday that great-grandma wasn’t doing well, I somehow had prepared myself for the worst. Just didn’t know that it had come so soon.

I hope great grand-ma went peacefully and she didn’t suffer too much. She had already struggled for the past 6 months with her stroke and other illness. Now she doesn’t have to suffer anymore.

At age 97, she had almost went through a century of life. She had 9 wonderful children and hundreds of grandchildren and great grandchildren. In Chinese way of  thinking, she had a “prosperous” life that most people dreamed of.

I don’t see her too often. But in my memory, we would go back and visit her in the country whenever we had holidays in Taiwan. Even after moving to US, we would still visit her if we go back to Taiwan. She has always been very kind to me. Everytime she saw me, she would asked how I was doing and secretly give me a red envelope. We don’t really communicate well because my Taiwanese is pretty bad, but I know she cares about me very much. I remembered sitting in her little room and watching TV with her, while she excitingly shared all of the dramas she has watched recently with me.

Oh I do wish she could hold on a little longer, at least wait ’till we have our kids and she’ll have a 5 generation family. But I know it wasn’t meant to be. I haven’t drop a tear yet, but I know sadness will catch up with me soon.

Oh dear great grandma, we all miss you here and we wish you’re peaceful and happy wherever you are now.