Dream 39

What’s going on with me lately? I either dreamed about giant monsters, or giant robots. Any psychologists out there could help me analyze those dreams for me?

I had another scary nightmare last night. I dreamed that I went back to my grandparents’ house in the countryside with my family.

Just when we were sitting in the house chatting, we heard there were commotions and noises outside. Lots of ambulances, fire engines, and police cars drove by our street.

We went outside to see what was going on. Not too far away in the downtown area, we saw lots of black smoke coming out of the buildings. It seemed like there was a big fire going on. But why were there so many buildings destroyed? It looked like it was the end of the world or something!

Just then, a giant robot appeared out of the smokes. This transformer type robot didn’t seem like the ones we saw in the movies. He looked like he was made out of legos, except his body was much bigger than any of those buildings there.

Giant lego robot playfully pulled a building from the ground like pulling a tree, then stacked the building on top of another building. Wham! Both buildings collapsed and were immediately turned into ruins.

The giant robot continued to walk down the street and randomly pull buildings one by one. Those poor people inside the building had no way else to turn, except jumping off the building to escape. There were people everywhere running for their lives. Even our neighbors nearby drove their cars out on the street, trying to save their own lives.

My parents were shocked. Even though we were miles away, they quickly pulled my sister and I into the car. We drove onto the highway nearby and followed the rest of the people escaping to a safer area.

Right then, the giant robot turned his direction and headed toward our part of the town. When my sister and I turned around, he was right behind us and stepping over the cars on the highway one by one.

My sister screamed and asked my dad to drive faster. But there were so many cars on the highway. We were stuck in the traffic and couldn’t get anywhere.

I grabbed my sister and ran out of the car. We ran to the nearby short bushes next to the highway and hide ourselves in there, hoping the giant robot wouldn’t find us in there.

But my parents didn’t have time to escape. The giant robot was approaching our car. Both my sister and I closed our eyes and screamed~~~AHHHHH~~

Before this dream ended, I started to connect to the second part of my dream. It was kinda boring so I won’t write about it here.

Why do I have all kinds of weird dreams lately? I haven’t been watching that many movies or TV though. What’s going on?

最近怎麼不是夢見巨無霸怪獸, 就是夢到巨無霸機器人?? 有誰唸過心理學可以幫我解夢? 我最近很少看電影呀??


這個夢其實還滿短的, 我夢見我和家人一起回到鄉下的外公家去玩.

當我們一家人和樂融融地坐在屋內聊天時, 忽然聽到外頭救護車, 消防車, 警車的聲音呼嘯而過. 外面聽起來也十分吵雜, 不曉得發生什麼事了?

我們跑到屋外去看, 不遠處的市中心可以看到許多高樓大廈冒出濃煙, 好像有大火災剛發生. 不過怎麼那麼多建築物都同時被摧毀了? 看起來好像世界末日來臨似的.

這時, 從黑煙之中, 突然冒出一個巨無霸變形金剛機器人, 這個變形金剛和電影裡面長得不大一樣, 不是由金屬鋼鐵製成的, 好像是樂高積木堆成的機器人, 只不過體積高過於任何一棟高樓大廈, 看起來還是怪恐怖的.

這個積木機器人無情地拔起身旁一棟建築, 沒錯, 是像拔樹一樣地把高樓大廈連根拔起, 再把大樓疊到另一棟建築上面, 轟地一聲, 兩棟大廈頓時成為瓦礫.

機器人又頑皮地往下走, 繼續拔起一棟棟大樓, 建築物裡面可憐的人無處可逃, 紛紛跳樓逃生, 街頭上到處擠滿了逃生的人群. 附近的鄰居也趕忙開車逃命.

我爸媽看到此景, 嚇壞了, 即使我們在幾百公尺以外, 爸媽還是把我和我妹妹拉到車上, 準備開到公路上逃往安全的地方.

沒想到, 這個變形金剛一轉頭, 像個龍捲風似地飛奔過來到我們這個小鎮上, 瞬間就跑到我們身處的那條公路上.

我和妹妹坐在車裡回頭一看, 機器人正調皮地踩扁腳底下一輛輛轎車, 眼看他就快要逼近我們這台車了.

我和妹妹大聲尖叫, 要我爸媽開快一點, 但偏偏這時公路上擠滿了逃難的車隊, 所有的車子都動彈不得, 我拉著我妹跳出車子, 跑到公路旁的矮籬笆躲起來, 希望機器人不會發現我們.

但偏偏我爸媽還沒有逃離車子, 眼看機器人就快要踩到我們的車子了, 我和妹妹不禁閉上眼睛尖叫起來.

這個夢還沒有結束, 我就開始夢下一個片段了, 不過下一個夢比較無聊, 就不寫了.

恩….現在回想起來, 都還覺得滿恐怖的.


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