Dream 38

After the King Kong dream, I had another weird dream.

orz….Why do I always have so many strange dreams? No wonder I always feel so tired afterward. It’s like I never slept at all!

I dreamed about Ross from “Friends”. His wife got put in prison for some crimes. He wanted to help his wife break out of the prison. So he was trying to think of ideas to help her escape.

Ross’ real name is David Schwimmer. But for some reason, he was known as Eugene Marsh in my dream. (I have no idea how I came up with that name…..). Anyway, I’ll just refer him as Ross here.

In order to device a successful prison break plan, Ross and his wife needed to find out how normal prisoners get of out jail.

He went to meet up with his wife in prison. Then they went to the counter that handles paperworks for prisoners who are leaving jail.

The clerk at the counter saw Ross and was so happy to see a celebrity. She didn’t even notice his wife next to him. She just honestly told him all she knows about the procedures to get out of jail.

They found out: the prisoners who are getting out of jail would receive a plate with their names on it. Only with that plate can determine if you’re getting out of jail or not.

(-_-|||…..what kind of procedure is that?……don’t ask me….I don’t know….)

Ross observed for awhile. Then talked to his wife secretly about his plan. He thought that the best way is to disguise his wife as someone else, or some other prisoners who are leaving jail. He worked in the film industry. So he knows how to make a body suit for his wife and turn her into a fat old lady. If his wife changed her appearance to look like a fat old lady, then she could get past the security guard’s check point and break out of prison successfully.
(orz…..what kind of stupid plan is this?….I really don’t know how I came up with this stuff…..

Right then, a lot of the prison workers came to ask Ross for autographs. They all have T-shirts with Ross’ pictures on them. Ross was so happy to see so many fans in the county jail. He quickly sat down and signed his autographs.

I just remembered toward the end, Ross was still surrounding by groups of people, happily signing the name “Ross/Eugene Marsh” on the T-shirts. He didn’t even notice his wife was long gone.

So, I still don’t know if his wife successfully broke out of prison??…..

(OS: what kind of stupid pointless dream is this?? )

我有的時候會一個晚上連續作兩三個夢, 而且都還會記得很清楚.


orz….每天晚上都做這麼多怪夢, 怪不得我都感覺沒睡飽一樣.

很多人應該都有看過電視影集”六人行”(Friends)吧! 我昨天夢見其中一位男主角–羅斯(Ross). 他的太太不知道犯了什麼罪, 被關進監獄裡, 他為了想幫助太太逃獄, 試圖想出許多點子好讓他的太太能成功逃脫監牢.

演羅斯的演員真名叫做David Schwimmer, 但是在我的夢中, 他叫做Eugene Marsh. (別問我…..我也不曉得為何有這個名字出現…..) 但我還是稱呼他為羅斯吧!

為了要能夠成功地逃獄, 羅斯和太太得先知道一般辦離開監獄的手續有什麼, 才能演出一場逃脫記.

他假裝太太已經要出獄了, 跑去監獄和他太太會合, 再到辦理出獄的櫃檯去查探有出獄的手續有哪些.

櫃檯的辦事小姐見到大明星來了, 高興地嘴巴都合不攏, 也沒多注意他太太到底是誰, 受郉時間還有多長, 便劈哩啪拉地跟羅斯詳細解釋出獄的手續有哪些.

原來, 出獄的犯人都會領到一塊名牌, 唯有領到那張名牌, 才能證明你是否應該出獄, 也才能成功地辦理出獄手續.


羅斯觀察了一下, 偷偷地和太太商量, 他認為, 眼前好的方法, 就是把他的太太裝扮成另外一個真正要出獄的人, 給他穿上一個拍電影用的人造身體模型, 把他太太扮成一個身體肥胖的老太婆, 就能夠混過警視人員的檢查, 成功地逃出監獄. (orz…..這是什麼白爛主意……我為什麼會夢到這種情節……別問我…..)

這時, 辦公室裡面的人都圍了過來, 手上拿著印有羅斯頭像的T恤, 跟他要簽名.

大明星被影迷奉承, 當然樂得連忙坐下來, 拿起筆來開始幫大家簽名.

我只記得一直到夢境的最後, 羅斯還是坐在櫃檯前面, 開心地簽下”Ross/Eugene Marsh”等字樣. 連他太太跑到哪去都不曉得.

所以, 整個夢到最後, 他太太到底有沒有成功地逃獄, 我還是不知道……

(讀者OS: 這什麼白爛夢呀! -_-|||…….退錢! 退錢! 我們不看啦!)

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    哈哈~ 小姐呀﹗妳最近有在看什麼金剛逃獄片嗎﹖^^
    唉~ 多希望能夢到Supernatural 或 Prison Break 裡的四個帥兄弟﹗

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