Dream 37

After my last dream of King Kong in New York, I had another dream last night with King Kong in Taipei.

Yes! It’s true! I often have dreams that are either related or connected. I don’t even know why that happen.

So I dreamed that I was walking on one of the busiest street in Taipei–Chung Hsiao E. Road. I looked ahead, and saw the sky was covered by a dark shadow. A gigantic gorilla appeared out of the misty fogs.

I was about to walk up a sky bridge to go take the Taipei metro. King Kong grabbed the metro train that passed by and played around with it like a toy train. The passengers inside jumped out of the train windows one by one, trying to escape from King Kong’s huge palms.

King Kong also destroyed the train track. The rail tracks fell down to the sky bridge. I quickly ran down the stairs with other people to avoid getting hit by the wrecks.

King Kong walked along the street and destroyed the buildings nearby. All of the cars stopped in the middle of the road. Everyone was screaming and running for their lives.

I ran into a small alley nearby, thinking that it could be safer since King Kong can’t fit into such small alley.

Just ahead of me, I saw a smaller size gorilla jumped out of the bush. He was about as tall as a normal human being, but his body was covered by long fur. He was shouting at the crowds and ran toward women and tried to grab them. Everyone quickly ran away to escape from the crazy gorilla.

I turn around and ran toward my apartment. When I opened my front door, I saw that crazy gorilla sitting in my living room. (How did he get ahead of me and stole my keys?) He was breaking all of my furniture, and grabbed several food from my fridge and gorged them down.

Thank goodness I stood behind him and he didn’t see me. I quickly closed the door and ran to the neighbors asking for help.

The lady next door opened her door, thought I was a sales person and wouldn’t let me in. I explained to her that there was a big gorilla sitting in my home and wrecking my apartment.

The neighbor thought I was a lunatic. She tried to slam the door on me. I grabbed the door and begged her to let me go inside to call the police. She finally caved in and let me walk inside.

While I was dialing 911, the door got kicked open. The crazy gorilla stepped in and stared at everyone in the room with his huge angry eyes.

We were all shocked. We didn’t know what to do. Some people ran to the bathroom. Some people went inside the bedroom and locked the doors. I quickly hide under the table, trembling from fear and not knowing what’s going to happen.

I don’t remember how this dream ended. But I could still remember the fear when I woke up from the dream.

Why did I always have such horrible nightmares? I don’t want to have another dream about King Kong ever again!

繼上回夢見金剛跑到紐約市, 我昨天晚上又夢見金剛出現在台北市.

是真的! 不蓋你! 我真的常做這種有相關性或連續情節的夢境. 我自己都不曉得為什麼會這樣.

話說我在夢中, 走在台北市最熱鬧的街–忠孝東路上, 抬頭往前面一望, 看到天空烏雲滿佈, 濃霧之中走出一隻巨無霸大金剛出現在眼前.

我正打算走上一座天橋打算去搭捷運, 但這隻大金剛拎起身旁呼嘯而過的捷運車廂, 像玩玩具車一般地玩弄, 車廂裡面的人一個一個從車窗裡面跳下來逃難.

大金剛還順手打壞一旁的捷運車軌. 一節一節高架軌道掉落下來, 我和群眾紛紛跑下天橋逃命, 以免被遭殃到.

大金剛沿著忠孝東路一直走, 破壞一旁的高樓大廈, 所有的車子都停在馬路中間, 路人們四處地奔跑, 尖叫聲此起彼落.

我跑進旁邊一條小巷, 想說金剛走不進來小巷子, 應該比較安全.

沒想到, 前方草叢堆裡, 竟然跑出一隻毛茸茸的大猩猩, 身高和人一般人一樣高, 張牙咧齒地對圍觀的群眾咆哮, 一看到女人便跑上前作肆要強暴她們, 令每個人嚇得沒命地躲開.

我也趕緊轉回頭往反方向跑, 跑到我住的公寓躲起來. 沒想到, 一打開門, 赫然發現那隻大猩猩不知道何時跑到我前面, 偷了我的鑰匙, 正在我家客廳大發脾氣, 破壞我所有的傢俱, 偷吃我冰箱裡面的食物.

還好猩猩沒注意到我, 我輕輕掩了門, 跑到隔壁鄰居家敲門求救.

鄰居太太打開門, 一開始還以為我是推銷員, 不准我走進門內. 我大聲地和她解釋說我家裡跑來一隻大猩猩, 正在破壞我家.

鄰居太太一聽, 以為我是個瘋子, 馬上想要把門關上. 我拉住門, 好說歹說地求她, 終於她答應讓我進屋內打電話報警.

我正在打119時, 鄰居家的門轟地被踢開, 大猩猩大踏步地走進來, 用兇煞的眼神虎視眈眈地盯著屋內每一個人.

我們大家都嚇傻了, 一時不知道該怎麼辦, 有些人跑到浴室裡面躲起來, 有些人跑到房間把房門鎖起來. 我則是順勢躲到桌子底下, 抖個不停.

這個夢怎麼結束的, 我不記得了. 我只知道醒來後, 我仍舊顫抖不已, 那種恐懼感停留在我腦中, 久久無法消失.

我怎麼老是做這種恐怖的夢, 下回可別再做個金剛大鬧洛杉磯的夢啦!