Dream 36

認識我的朋友都知道我常常做一些很莫名其妙的夢. 這個夢大概是我近來做過最誇張的夢了.

I had another crazy dream on Saturday. This time, King Kong appeared!
I dreamed that I went to New York to visit. I was sitting inside a tall building with other people. All of a sudden, we all heard loud footsteps thumbing on the ground. The entire building shook for awhile.

昨天晚上, 我夢見我跑到紐約, 和朋友坐在一棟建築物裡面. 忽然間, 我們感覺到整棟建築物搖晃了一下, 我們大家面面相覷, 不曉得發生了什麼事情. 接著, 整棟建築物又晃了一下, 一陣沉重的腳步聲傳來.

Everyone ran out of the building and saw a giant gorilla appearing between two skyscrapers, staring at the people beneath him with his giant deadly eyes.

我們大家都跑出去, 看是怎麼回事. 我的媽呀! 前方兩棟高樓大廈之間, 出現一隻黑猩猩大金剛, 雙手扶著建築物頂端, 以死氣沉沉的眼神瞪著底下驚慌失措的人們.

Of course, we screamed and ran for our lives. Just up ahead, we saw another giant rattlesnake hissing with his long red tongue, destroying building with his long tail.

我們當然是趕快沒命的跑呀!! 前方不遠處, 竟然又出現一隻巨無霸響尾蛇, 張牙咧嘴地吐出火紅的長舌頭及尖銳的毒牙, 發出一陣陣嘶嘶的聲音.

We ran to the harbor, and saw a huge octopus sinking the fishing boats one by one with its gigantic tentacles.

跑到海港旁邊, 赫然又看到一隻巨大的八爪章魚, 把附近的漁船都打入海底.

What was going on? All of the monsters came to destroy New York?

這是怎麼回事呀? 怪獸大鬧紐約市嗎?

Just when we all felt hopeless and thought it was the end of the world, someone stepped out from the crowds and claimed he was Jesus. He could save the human race by representing the human to negotiate with the monsters. In my dream, this Jesus person didn’t look like human at all. He looked more like the combination of a robot and Sponge Bob.

巨無霸怪獸們把紐約市將近一半的建築物都摧毀了, 人們跑到無路可躲, 都不曉得該怎麼辦才好. 這時, 一位自稱是耶穌的人挺身而出, 說要代表我們人類出面去跟怪獸談判. (在我的夢裡, 耶穌長得很四不像, 不像個人類, 反倒像機器人及卡通人物Sponge Bob的綜合體……基督教的朋友, 別怪我…..)

So we all followed Jesus’ footsteps and came face to face with the monsters. Turned out, the monsters had a representative themselves for the negotiation. That person claimed he was Jesus as well. This Jesus was actually a human. He was really cute, looked like Andy Lau.

這位耶穌率領著人群來到怪獸面前, 開始與怪獸談判. 沒想到, 怪獸也派出一位自稱是耶穌的人來當首領談判. 這位耶穌就長得十分人模人樣, 還挺帥的, 有謝霆鋒, 劉德華的樣子.

Why were there two Jesus? Which one was the real one? We were all very puzzled by the situation.

怎麼會有兩個耶穌? 到底誰才是真正的耶穌?

But I never got to find out the truth, because I woke up from my dream right there. Ahh… another crazy night filled with crazy dream…..

我不曉得, 我的夢到這裡就被打斷了……真是一個莫名其妙又很荒唐的夢.

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  1. onionring88 Post author

    girl.. you sure have some interesting dreams! 0_o
    好睡的我通常都是一覺到天明﹗+__+ 作夢…大概是幾百年前的事嘍﹗
    hope you have some sweet dreams these days ^_*

  2. popoapple Post author

    Hey girl… how come I didn’t appear in your dream??!!haha… maybe I was on the way to save you!! Anyways… come to visit me sometime lah… I will assure you there will be no monsters attacking you 🙂

  3. esp0112 Post author


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