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Happy 2008

This is such a belated new year update. I just got back from Bay Area 2 days ago from my 11 day winter break and I was still trying to unpack everything. Vacation always seemed too short for me. Now it’s time to get back in reality and start working!

I usually do a yearly review on world news and personal news. I think I’ll skip the news this year. We all know what’s been going on: Iraq is still a mess, Presidential candidates started kicking each other’s butts, Paris Hilton went to jail, Britney Spear got crazier than ever….blah blah blah. We’ll skip the boring part this year.

2007 wasn’t a smooth sailing year for me. I went through the biggest drama in my life. In the end, I was able to pull through the tough part. I learned many lessons and found out more about myself. I was also glad to know I have many great friends and family supporting me. Things began to look much brighter toward the end of the year.

For 2008, I didn’t make any new year resolution. I just want this year to be another peaceful and happy year. Stay healthy and keep up with the exercising (it would be nice to cut another 10 lbs or so). Also wish all of my friends and family to have a nice and smooth year to come. That’s all I’m asking for.

~Happy 2008, everyone~ Wish you all have a great year to come~

Happy New Year

Today is the last day of 2004. I would like to take this moment to do a yearly recap. Here is a list of major events occurred internationally during this year:

-War in Iraq continues.Terrorists in Iraq used car, suicide and roadside bombings to chip away at U.S. and coalition efforts to reconstruct the country and institute the nation’s first government since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Terrorist groups took up the grisly practice of kidnapping and beheading foreign hostages, bidding to compel countries to leave the U.S.-led coalition.

-2004 Presidential election. An intense race for the presidency led to there-election of President Bush over Democratic challenger John Kerry. As in 2000, the election came down to one state. This time, it was Ohio’s 20 electoral votes that put Bush over the top. Unlike 2000, Bush also won the popular vote with 51 percent to Kerry’s 48 percent. Nationwide,voters turned out in droves, with a turnout rate approaching 60 percent, the highest since 1968.

-Yasser Arafat passed away. For decades, he was the symbol of the Palestinian cause. Arafat died in a Paris hospital on November 11, after months of health problems. While many mourned his passing, others saw his death as an opportunity for Palestinians and Israelis to start anew their attempts to forge a lasting peace.

-Former President Ronald Reagan died at his California home on June 5, nearly10 years after announcing that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The nation spent a week saying farewell to the former president, who led a conservative revolution and helped bring about the end of the Cold War during his two terms in office. He was laid to rest at his presidential library in California after a state funeral in Washington, D.C.

-Taiwan’s presidential election in March. The assassination attempt on President Chen Shui-bian days before the election and the close margin led many people to suspect the validity of this election. Thousands marched on streets to protest for recounts and further investigation on the assassination attempt.

-The XXVIII Olympic was held at Athens, Greece in 2004. Being held at the original birth place of Olympics, this year’s event was marked with many special meanings,as well as many exciting stories of world’s top athletes. US won the most medals counts among all the participating countries.

-The 9.0 earthquake led to disastrous Tsunami in South Asia. Death tolls mounts to 130,000 and still rising. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India are the 4 countries with the most casualties. Thousands are left home less and grieving for loss of family members. This is considered one of the biggest natural disasters in recent years.

Personally 2004 has been a great year for me. After what I went through in 2003, I can only be thankful for having a job I enjoy and a great relationship. This year I also went to many different places and did a lot of different things, including trip to Taiwan for Homer’s brother’s engagement, went to a NBA game, Wango Tango concert, House of Blues, Hollywood Bowl, saw the first fireworks in San Diego and ski trip at Mammoth. Life is great. Really nothing more I can ask for.

But of course there was one tragedy stood out this year, which was my best friend Cindy’s death. This incident helped me realize how precious life is and how much friends meant to me. I wish every one of my friends enjoy their life as much as possible and appreciate everything they have. Most important, HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE~ WISH EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT 2005!

2003 Recap

2003 went by like a flash. Basically I didn’t think 2003 was a good year, nationally or personally:

1. First of all, there was the War with Iraq that officially lasted over a month, but US army are continuously facing challenges from Saddam supporters, even after Saddam was captured. Numerous casualties and innocent lives lost. To me war is never a good thing, no matter what President Bush claimed how important this war is.

2. SARS in Asia..which spreads throughout the globe, even US has some SARS cases. Many people was forced to stay at home. Business was affected, especially  the travel industry.

3. Biggest mountain fire in Southern California for the past 10years. This fire caused thousands of homes destroyed and left thousandsof people homeless.

4. Several strikes in LA area : the supermarket strike which is still going on at this moment, the Metro workers strike..etc.

5. Crash of Shuttle Columbia earlier this year.

6. Big earthquake in Iran just a few days ago, death tolls still rising.

7. Death of several famous HK singers/actors.

Personally it wasn’t a very smooth year for me either. I had some car problems early this year and had to spend thousands fixing it. Also I was switching from jobs to jobs, trying to find out what career I should pursue and what type of environment suits me best. For a period of time I was unemployed. Toward the end of the year I finally landed a job that I really like and I believe I will stick with this job for quite a long time.

At the beginning of the year, everyone was saying how this yearwould be a bad year for people who were born in the year of goat. At first, I didn’t believe in that. Now looking back, I felt the superstition might be true. I just wish 2004 would be a great year to come, that everything runs smoothly and no bad things happen again~

***Wish all of my friends have the happiest new year***