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Done with Final and Presentation!

Alright! I survived through my oral presentation last night. I’ve been dreading about it this entire semester. Other than fear of ghost and horror movies, public speaking is something I’m afraid of the most. I hope I would never have to do it again!

I was the second one to go since the professor went by alphabetical order of our first name. I was so glad I got it over with at the very beginning. Those people who went at the end had to sit through 3 hours of anxiety. I could never bear that kind of torture.

When I was up there, I pretty much just read from my paper. I knew I didn’t do that well in terms of engagement with audience or maintaining eye contacts. But I did ok on the Q & A section. Answered all of the questions and didn’t stutter. Didn’t seem like people were interested in my topic. Not too many people raised questions. Anyway, I’m just glad it’s over!

Then I totally BS through the final….The professor said it’s from our reading and discussion board. As long we read them, we’ll be fine. I took in her words and didn’t prepare for the final at all…..Turned out there were some really hard questions taken directly from the text. I barely remember anything from the book, let alone be able to list out the things they mentioned in there. Oh well. …lesson learned….don’t ever trust professor’s words and always come prepared!

It’s odd that we have to take finals as grad school student. I felt like we’ve done a lot for this class already. One big final project + oral presentation and lots of little assignments throughout the semester. Why would we need another final?

By the way, I still have to finish this 15 page paper for another class~ I’ve been working on this paper since Thanksgiving. I felt like I’ve cranked my head open but still couldn’t produce any results. 15 pages….geez….the most I wrote back in college was 10 pages….

Alright, alright, enough ranting! After I turned in everything by next week, then I’ll be free~ I can’t wait to move into the new apartment! I can’t wait to go on vacation~ Taiwan and Bali, here I come~~~


uggghhhh! fan fan!! So stressed out…….1 1/2 months ’till the end of this semester, and I’m stuck with big final project and term papers! I think our professor is sadistic! We’re required to write this 14 page proposal. First we have to write a progress report due next Friday, then another draft due in 3 weeks. On top of that, we have to read 5 other students’ drafts and give them feed backs. At end of November, we have to present this proposal orally in front of the class and answer people’s questions. On the same day, we also have another in-class final exam! Meanwhile, we still need to finish our weekly readings and participate in discussion board. ahhhhh~~~ so much work!

Another class requires a 15 page research paper which is due early December. But we have to first turn in our bibliography review in 2 weeks. *sigh*….I haven’t even start on that……

feel like crying……why am I doing this to myself?? 3 more years of school…….ahhhh I’ll probably complain more as I take more advance classes…….


I just got an email from San Jose State University. They accepted my application for their Library & Information Science Program at the Fullerton campus. (wow…they’re very efficient…I just sent in my application few weeks ago )

Now it’s decision time! Which school do I want to go?



-Better reputation, better program

-More resources and connections



-Expensive tuition (FT and PT pay the same tuition)

-Time consuming, have to spend more time going to campus for classes

-Harder (I heard they have a lot more presentations, group projects…etc.)

-Need to finish 2 extra requirement classes before school begins (which means I have to start taking summer school this year!  )



-Cheaper tuition (almost 50% of UCLA tuition)

-Distance education, most classes are online courses. So I won’t have to take more time off from work

-Easier (well, I heard on line classes require more homework too…but that depends…)


-Comparatively not as famous as UCLA

-A bit far from where I live

Well, I don’t know how library world views the schools you get your master degree from. I don’t think it’s that important once you attain the degree. But I need to find out more info.


Good News

Great news! I got into UCLA’s Master of Library and Information Science program!!

Yesterday when I got home, I saw a small envelope sitting on the table from UCLA. I thought, “Oh no~ Why is it a small envelope? Where is the big admission package?”

I opened the letter anyway, and the first line says: “It is my pleasure….to notify you that we are recommending your admission to our program…” I immediately jumped up and let out a big sigh from my chest. Wow….feel so relieved after 2 months of waiting.

But now I’m kinda facing a dilemma….I have a second choice of applying to Cal State Fullerton which offer the same program. Cal State tuition is definitely cheaper than UCLA (UCLA charges the same rate regardless of full time or part time). They also offer a lot of online courses, which may work out better with my work schedule. On the other hand, UCLA is a much better program and I’m already familiar with the campus, not to mention the close distance from my apartment. So I’m really torn….

Well, no matter what my decision will be, I’m just happy I got in. I had a few doubts in my mind but now everything is clear….future suddenly seems bright….

GRE Over

Yay~Finally the big test is over~I’m so relieved~

My score wasn’t terribly high. Math stayed the same as last time, but verbal improved a lot. At least it’s what I expected. Now just waiting for the essay score….

Now only 3 more days ’till we go back to Taiwan….really can’t wait…my heart is already there….

Fang is coming tonight too. We’ll have so much fun these two days at universal and magic mountain….yay~