Howl’s Moving Castle — The Novel

After watching the film, I went online to search more about this movie. I found out this film was actually based on an young adult book, Howl’s Moving Castle, by Diana Wynne Jones. So I quickly went to Barnes & Nobles and purchased this book.

Then I spent half day on Saturday to finish reading this book. I wasn’t too surprised to find out the movie deviates a lot from the original book. After all, it’s a Miyazaki film. He added war into the movie to fit his general world peace movie theme. He also made Howl as a tragic hero, who bears a dark secret but still does many admirable things to save the world and protect the people he cares about. Sophie falls in love with him almost instantly when she first met Howl.

The Howl in the book pretty much sounds like a lazy playboy, who does nothing all day except go out and pursue beautiful women. Then he dumps them when he loses interests. We don’t get to find out why he does all these wicked things until the very end.

Unlike the movie, Sophie despises Howl throughout the book. She doesn’t know about her feeling for Howl until later in the book. I’m very confused at this part. Howl never compliments Sophie nor tries to impress her. He never even shows any interests for her. How do they become romantically involved? I thought the author should’ve stress more about this point.

Nevertheless, it’s a young teenage fantasy novel. The book is filled with wizards, witchcraft, and all sorts of magical things, just like Harry Potter series. It’s pretty entertaining and addicting. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down.

Other than Howl’s Moving Castle, I also bought 2 of Diana Wynne Jones’ books. Reviews coming up later~